Whirlwind Travel

A look back through travel journal excerpts:

“When the sun goes down, the beach is transformed
into a long line of beach bars dressed up in neon lights.”

“The ocean was choppy with huge waves all around us. At first it was just a few
small splashes but soon enough the larger waves rose up and over
before crashing into the boat. Bye-bye camera.”

I like the Irish


“After dancing all night we ended up down the beach.
Sex on the beach.It sounds romantic but really it’s just messy
and you wake up with sand everywhere it shouldn’t be.”

“To travel is to discover new countries and cultures, eating new cuisine
and getting lost on public transportation.
There are no preconceptions of you when you travel.”

Floating Market

 “I’ve only had 5 hours of sleep since Wednesday morning and it’s
currently 2AM on Saturday. I’m so exhausted that my head aches
and my…

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