Whirlwind Travel

I love tattoos.. I love the stories behind them and the light in someones eye when they talk about what their tattoo means or where they got it. Can you guess what kinds of tattoos fascinate me most?

You got it, travel tattoos. Whether the person got the tattoo on their travels or the tattoo is a symbol of their love of travel, they are by far the most interesting and the closest to my heart. I also love script tattoos since I connect with words more than images.

the mural that my tattoo artist painted on the wall.

It seems that every time I leave the country, the itch for a tattoo comes back and boy is that itch strong. I have mixed feelings about getting tattoos while you’re traveling. I’ve done it, twice actually, but each time it was such a pain to keep clean and let heal. It meant that this past summer, traveling through the scorching…

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