Whirlwind Travel

 “Aren’t you afraid someone is going to steal all of your stuff?”
“What if you get murdered in your sleep?”
“People there are just so… dirty.”
“You’ll end up with bed bugs!”
“Haven’t you seen that movie?!”

I have heard it all, every negative remark regarding hostels.  People think that hostels are dirty, smelly, unsanitary and unsafe. Stained bed sheets, bed bugs, filthy bathrooms; the list goes on. Thankfully, they never stopped me from trying it out myself.

When I was planning my first trip, hotels didn’t even cross my mind. For one, I would never have been able to afford traveling around Europe if I had stayed in hotels and I knew that, even before I left Canada. My first experience in a hostel was a great introduction. Eighteen years old, fresh off the plane in Dublin, Ireland, alone. The only thing I knew was where I was staying:…

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