Noches Madrileñas

Hi all,

It has now been just over 3 weeks since I arrived to Madrid. No, my spanish isn’t perfect yet, but I’ts getting better (atleast I think). Instead of doing a weekly update like normal, I thought it would be cool to make a list of the top 10 things that I love so far about this amazing city and then re-do this list a few months from now, and then once again before I depart back for the states (don’t even want to think about leaving!!).

Also, as a forewarning, I could probably just list 10 different Spanish dishes (the food is amazing), but for diversity purposes, I’ll just reserve one spot for food.

So, here goes…

10. Public Transportation – Say what you want about how sad it is that I love taking the metro or the train to where I need to go, but I do…

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