Taking to the Open Road

Reblogged from For Travel Savings in 2013, Go Retro, The New York Times.

Seth Kugel is the Frugal Traveller, and he “seeks first-class living at steerage prices.” He has a regular column in the NY Times. This particular article gives tips on how travellers can shave off some costs by going back to old-school ways, like picking up the phone to negotiate deals, for example.

“You’ve mastered the art of modern travel savings: your airfare alerts are set up on Kayak; you flit around Europe on cheap carriers like EasyJet and Ryanair (with vacuum-packed clothing in a carry-on to avoid baggage fees). You stay in apartments rented through Airbnb when you’re not bunking with locals through CouchSurfing, bidding on Priceline or snapping up last minute rooms on HotelTonight. From the remotest corners of the earth, you stay in touch with your significant other over Gchat and your folks over…

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