A Transient Wanderer

Rafting. It’s been such a long time since I want to try this kind of experience. Before, I just watched it from TV or vids, but now, it’s my chance to feel it by myself. How excited that will be. On the other hand, A little bit scary. There is some fear creep through my mind.

That day, we gathered in Bogor. For someone who live in Jakarta, I should take the train to get there. Then, I leave the rest to others who knew the route.

It was arrange by my friend, Tari. She is very familiar with adventurous things like this. She loves outdoor activities and engages with nature. It really nice to befriend with someone like her.

Anyway, we went to the site… got our gear, put them on, and brought it to the river downhill. Since it was a first time for me, guides were there…

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