swallower of lives

After flying long haul from LHR, Mark and I had just three full days in Rio de Janeiro before we headed off to Salvador, Brazil’s former capital in the north east of the country, in time for Carnaval.

In those three days we had just one brief afternoon of the glorious blue skies and scorching heat we dreamt of to keep us going through a dreary, grey, rainy British winter. The rest of the time we experienced a dreary, grey, rainy Brazilian summer.

Sorry to be so British and harp on about the weather, but it really showed how something as simple as rain or shine can set the tone for a whole city. Gloomy drizzle seemed to turn the bright, upbeat attitude of typical “Cariocas” down a notch. People make fun of Brits for whipping off their tops and dusting off the barbecues as soon as the clouds part…

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