away with words


I swam to an island today. You know, no big deal… just me, bobbing along in the ocean, clawing through the waves like it’s something I do every day.

The highlight was shamelessly beaching myself like a struggling whale (gasping for air) when I finally reached dry land.

The lowlight… turning around mid swim to see how far I’d come. Where I was, and where I needed to be looked further apart than what I’d anticipated. For a few brief seconds, a whole bunch of potential death scenarios (drowning, shark attack, getting caught in a giant fishing net) flashed before my very eyes.

There was a point that I actually laughed out loud at my helpless stupidity. The heat of the incredibly hot sun combined with the remote ability to call for assistance left me exposed and vulnerable and yet strangely, it was exhilarating.

There’s a very fine…

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